Welcome to our mission field.

Praise Fellowship Church has a presence in a variety of nations around the globe.  We serve in Africa, India, Honduras, and Indonesia and right here in our own backyard in the Chatham-Kent area.  Now you can make a donation to one of our Mission endeavours online. Choose a cause, local or abroad, and click on the "Donate" button on the right hand side to send your gift. Every dollar counts. As you sow seed into this essential ministry be confident in knowing it will fall on fertile ground.


In India we minister to the poor, orphans, lepers, aids patients, widows, unreached people groups, and local pastors. We have built an orphanage, The Praise Fellowship Church Children's Home, and are currently planning the construction of some churches. We minister to the people by providing food and clothing, medicine, schooling, transportation, financial support and prayer. We regularly visit this nation and minister to the people in person.

The Praise Fellowship Church Children's Home houses more than one hundred children (orphans and semi-orphans) at any given time. We look after these children and meet their need for food, shelter, clothing, education and love. Many of these needs require finances. We are offering you the opportunity to be a blessing to a child.  Your prayers, generosity, and financial support minister the love of Christ to these precious children.  One-time gifts and annual financial blessings are always welcomed but regular monthly support  is what keeps food in their bellies, clothes on their backs, and hope for a brighter future. 
You may write your sponsored child at any time or send letters and gifts when our missions team visits the orphanage.
Sponsorship contributions are payable to the church office in person, through the mail, or through your credit card by clicking on the "donate" button on the right. Please don't forget to indicate the name of the child you wish to sponsor. A staff member will contact you regarding your sponsorship shortly.

Sponsorship Updates....

Ongoing sponsorship opportunities are still available. We currently have about 88 needy children in our care. 33 of these children have sponsors but many of them still do not.  Check out our "waiting children" or contact the church office for more information.

We are currently collecting funds to provide the orphans, pastors,widows, aids patients, and lepers with adequate clothing and nourishing meals. Won't you contribute to this mission?

Visit our Missions page for more details.  Why not browse through our list of  "available children"  and choose to sponsor a child today!

India 2015...

Check out the pictures from our 2015 India Mission Trip

Here are the videos of the amazing testimonies from the 2015 trip to India

Here are other videos from this exciting adventure


India 2014...

Check out the pictures from our 2014 India mission trip

Here are the videos of the amazing testimonies from the 2014 trip to India.

Worship in India 2014

Healing in India 2014

Deliverance in India 2014

Read the amazing testimonies and ministry reports from the villages and congregations we visited in India. 

Read the personal testimonies and reports from the Katta family concerning this recent visit.


India 2013....

check out the pictures from our 2013 India Mission Trip

Here are the videos of the amazing testimonies from the 2013 trip to India. Have a listen to these praise reports - wonderful answers to prayer! Glory to God :)

Testimony 1          Testimony 2          Testimony 3         Testimony 4         Testimony 5

Testimony 6          Testimony 7          Testimony 8          Testimony 9


Praise Fellowship Church provides ongoing financial and spiritual support to a variety of ministries in Africa.

The main focus of our Mission there is a school we recently built in Kigali Rwanda to teach auto mechanics to genocide orphans.  The building provides the shelter for classroom exercises as well as doubling as a church. We support Pastor Agustine Nyonsenga his wife Betty and their 4 children. Your prayers and financial support are crucial to many brothers and sisters in Africa.

Compassion Canada

Praise Fellowship continues to give generously to Compassion Canada. We partner with them to do God's work through out the nations.

Our Local Mission Field

Soup Kitchen

Praise Fellowship Church operates it's own Soup Kitchen on a weekly basis and ministers to a large number of locals who would otherwise go without a hot, nutritious meal. Every Tuesday morning volunteers arrive early to begin the necessary preparations for the lunch hour meal.

Annual Harvest Party

Praise also ministers to the local community each Halloween season by annually hosting a spectacular "Harvest Party" each October 31st in the church parking lot. Admission is FREE and so is the food, refreshments, rides, games, and candy! This carnival type of event has become popular with the local residents and it continues to grow each year.

What's Going On?

Sign Language - 7:00 - 8:00 pm (every other week)  - Resumes In January
Soup Kitchen - 11:00 am  - Closed Dec 19 - Reopens Jan 9
Youth Ministry - As announced
Men's Devotional -Wednesday 6:00-7:00 pm (every other week)  -  Resumes in Jan
Worship & Soaking 6:00-7:00 pm  - Christmas Break Dec 20 and resumes Jan 3
Prayer - 7:00-8:00 pm  -  Christmas Break Dec 20 resumes Jan 3
Mid week Teaching - 7:00 pm  -  resumes in Jan
Singles Ministry - As announced
Sunday Morning Service - 10:30 am
Food & Fellowship (As announced - following morning service)
Women's Ministry (As announced) 7pm
Evening Service 7:00 pm, Communion and Second Offering first Sunday of the month*
Check our calendar for events and times

Donations & Giving

Contact the church office to take advantage of our pre-authorized offering program.



India 2013




Compassion Canada


Soup Kitchen