Katta Family Report 2014

Katta Family Report

(*as written by Dr. Ravindra katta)

Dear brother in Christ
Loving Christian greetings from Bro K atta and family.
First of all my heartful thanks for your holy prayers and financial support and finally my thanks to our all mighty God.
In this precious time my heart remembering the Bible verse i.e “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Amen…. Mathew 5:6
First of all my thanks to you and Sister Lisa and my lovely daughter and PFC believers because of your holy prayer and love I was happily landed on Bombay air port and met with you and shared happy moods and good news in Bombay air port. Thanks to God because God has heard your prayers for my Job contract renewal and our meeting in Bombay with round trip air ticket
Bro because of you and your family and PFC believer’s prayers, I got the Job renewal for two more years. I was faced and endured hell on the Ethiopian land and I was in terrible situations in three days in the month of June. At final I was escaped from all devil works. I had strong belief on your prayers but devil entered in to my job and created worst disturbance and at that time I was in different mental conditions and I do not know about my life because the university academic vice president given shock for me at the same time I was in helpless position and I was depended on you and your holy prayers and Jesus. My department given job contract renewal and my head of the department wrote one page for me regarding my education performance and help for the orphans in Ethiopia and head very strongly recommended me for two more years of job contract but my academic vice president had not accepted my department proposal . I was approached to my department again then my entire department and my co- professors anonymously accepted my job contract and communicated to my academic vice president with oral not in written manner. After 5 days I was meat with my academic vice president he accepted my job contract and given round ticket for me and he appreciated my academic performance and orphans work at the same time he was said apology for the wrong work. Another side aroused travel dates problem and worried about your trip but God is good and great He is with you and me so we met in Bombay. But, one thing brother i.e. I am appreciated your holy prayers and love for my job contract. Because of you and your family and PFC believers I am enjoyed you mission trip and my job contract at the same time I am enjoying with my family. I am the good witness of your prayers and I am standing bravely before our all mighty God. In this connection, “God has shown me Holy Bible verses i.e. Deuteronomy says I never hold you and you go, I am the before you like this. This is the applicable for me and you also”. Bro really your prayers are very great and I feel proud because of your association and friendship in the name of our all mighty God
In this matter my special thanks for PFC believers kindly pass my thanks to them and my love also. PFC believers are very great and good and kind heart people. God has given good personality to them and I am the witness of them
Brother, devil power was played greatly on my family from the Ethiopia (for my Job contract) to your ministry trip. Devil done his work with pronnoy’s minor accident .In this matter, your holy prayers and your physical attendance pronnoy escapade great accident and dangerous injuries. After accident, your prayers are very great with your prayers pronnoy escaped from the immediate surgery, eye sight, and brain paralysis. Because of you and your family and PFC believers prayers pronnoy has placed on this earth. It is the remarkable year in his life. If you are not India then things may be in different manner. Pronnoy is the good example and great witness for this verses Bible says need God’s mercy and human being mercy. One is our Lord Jesus and second one is human i.e. my great friend , philosopher, guide, consular, healing power man , kind heart man and real human man Rev Michael Koppes . God never hold His sons and daughters
A second thing is pronnoy number of time asked me about iphone but I said I do not have much financial capacity. Being a Engineering student and as young boy he have developed crazy on iphone and his dream. Anyway with your prayers and your financial help he got the iphone. Through your prayers and financial help he is enjoying the latest technology and American phone. You know the importance of the American products how much in India. I am and my family is the neglected but with your prayers we are all standing before the mighty God. I and Sheba and aakanksha never see such phone but with your financial support and prayers we are seeing and enjoying it. No words to express pronnoy’s happiness.
Bro , aakanskhs worried a lot about her education because of high fee even though she joined in +2 course with biology and physical science course. This course period is two years if she got good marks in this course she have chance to get the seat in MBBS. After this course, the Government of Andhra Pradesh will conduct one Entrance examination for MBBS admission if she got good rant in this examination then Government will give. Now she have confidence on her desire because of your financial support i.e. 1,00,000 one laksh (Indian rupees) really it is great bro no one give this type of holy gifts that credits goes to you and your family and PFC . Aakanksha is very happy and she is giving good witness about your kind heart and sharing your love with her friends and lecturers. Bro, now she is in Vijayawada College.
Bro, just we came from Chennai with good news and good medical reports in the name of our all mighty God.
Bro, my heartful thanks for your and for your family and PFC believers holy prayers . Brother, we went Chennai and started with your holy prayers. Yesterday day was very different day and good day because of your holy prayers. Doctor said no bone diseases all bones are perfect both hands and both knee. Doctor scanned hands and legs and palms also. All reports are very positive and no place for any diseases only things is lack of calcium. Doctor prescribed some medicines and we purchased medicines in Chennai.
Doctors, observed previous medical reports and medicines ( Kakinada doctors ) in such reports are shown in negative results and serious but when Sheba received your prayers in Kakinada hotel jaya on that day pains are reduced and God listened your prayers and God spoken with Doctor and with you regarding Sheba’s bone pains and finally God has given answers and positive reports. Chennai Doctors surprised and wondered and they said like this; "why you came here from long distance without any disease and you spent the money for travel." Doctor asked "you’re the Christian?" then we said yes. I started about you and your holy prayers and your kind heart and given good witness about you and PFC believers. Doctor is very busy but he given one hour time and I spent nearly one hour with doctor. At the same time doctor asked so many questions about you and your holy prayers and works. Doctors also accepted your holy prayers and Jesus is the Doctor of the Doctors. Doctor is not Christian but he was paid more concentration on my words and carefully listened. Finally he said, "you and your wife and your brother Rev Michael koppes with PFC believers having great and strong trust, faith and following Jesus words, because of these things your medical reports are very positive."  Doctor is passing his thanks for you and for your family and PFC believers. This is the great and good witness for this ministry trip. In previous heart this time bone pains. Thanks to God and Praise the Lord because God has given opportunity to me for Praising and God has given opportunity for you for praying me and my family. Bro, thanks for your compassion, love and kind heart. I and my family is the good witness and standing before you and Jesus.
Psalm of David, when he was in the wilderness of Judah. O God, you are my God; I shall seek you earnestly; my soul thirsts for you, my flesh yearns for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water I have seen you in the sanctuary, to see your power and your glory…………
Bro , all orphans are very happy and passing their lives under His care and enjoying your love and prayers. With you and your family and PFC prayers, some of the orphans got good grade and good marks in their examinations and our orphanage got 100 percent results. At the same time orphans are the toppers in their college and school. This credit goes to you and your family and PFC believers. Our home got the reputation in and around of the East Godvari District. By the God’s grace and with your prayers orphans are growing with spiritually, mentally and physically. Our home is the good and amazing witness especially for your prayers. Orphans are studying different standards with good character and higher studies with high expensive. College and school authorities are appreciated your kind heart and PFC believers. Brother, definitely orphans become good servants for His kingdom and for His servants, if they have your blessings and prayers. It is my trust and belief.
Bro , you and your family and PFC believers are very great and unforgettable people up to soul on this earth. No one done this type of ministry expect you and your people. This credit goes to you and your PFC Believers only. Bro, really you are great and man of God because for His glory you spent 10 lakhs rupees. This time every one received your blessings and prayers and healings. One thing is very remarkable i.e. distributed bikes to the pastors O my God I never expect and I never see this type of work for His kingdom. Pastors are very blessed and these bikes are very useful for them and it is great and wise and amazing decision. With your love gift, they are spreading word of God in and around of East Godavari District. The pastors started their work with bikes and travelling intensively and covering more areas and spreading the word of God especially in tribal palaces. Where pastors are spreading the word of God, in such places everyone is praising your kind heart and praising our all mighty God. I am receiving the witness about your love gift through pastors at the same time receiving phone calls from the village elders and Christian leaders. Every time, your blessings are more and great. You are the loveable man and your love is on the pastors and His works. Every pastor is giving good witness about you and your family and PFC believers. You and your family and PFC believers are strongly seated in the minds, thoughts and hearts of villagers and believers. Already two pastors obtained bikes previous but again pastor Prasad and Krupa rao obtained your love gift i.e. Rs 51,000/-
Every pastor’s face is lighting and Jesus luster is appearing on their faces and smile. Every day they are visiting our home with family before the start the gospel work. Bro, already you are noticed their happiness on the felicitation day. Gospel vehicles are very good and strong and standard bikes exactly fit for rural roads. Pastors are always traveling on rural roads and remote villages so these are very useful them. You know the Indian villages’ roads. Every pastor is the good witness for His kingdom at the same time for your prayers also. Every pastor and his family are sending their heartful thanks for your love gift money and Bikes. You are the great man and kind heart man. Their feelings are very emotional regarding your encouragement towards His kingdom.
Congregations are growing and believer’s number is increasing till I am receiving the witness about your holy prayers and healings and miracles. Believers are also very happy about your prayers and pastor’s bikes. Village elders are praising your support for their pastors and villagers are praising you and your family and PFC believers’ kind heart. Please pray for the congregations’ development and for the believers. All believers are requesting me about your prayers. All believers are very happy because of your great encouragement and your holy spirit
Leprosy mission:
Brother, you and your family and PFC believers are the real angels for them because you served the three types of food they are one is spiritual food, second one is physical food and third one is financial food and finally your holy prayers. Up to my knowledge no one served the food for leprosy people. You are the first person and touched their wounds with your holy hands. It is appreciable things and praising every one about your love and prayers.

...there was a voice, a soft whisper... 1 Kings 19:12
Bro, God bless this witness
God bless you
Yours in His service.
Bro K Ravindra and family , orphans , pastors , believers and leprosy .


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